Dual Fabricators

Port of West St. Mary, Louisiana

Dual Fabricators' company owned facility is permanently located in the Industrial Port of West St. Mary on a deepwater slip. This yard specializes in the fabrication of decks, heliports, boatlandings, risers, skirt pile guides, clamps, and barge bumpers. We have a proven track record with all of the major oil and gas producers and many of the independents. We have built complete single caisson structures for Shell and Tarpon with our capacity ranging from 40-60 ton decks and heliports.
  • Dual Fabricators has safety meetings once a week.
  • Our crane capacity is 40 - 60 tons.
  • We have one of the lowest mod. rates for workman's comprehension in the industry.
  • Dual Fabricators has been in business for over 16 years and owns 100% of its facilities.
  • Dual Fabricators has a proven track record with many of the domestic and international oil and gas producers from the majors (Shell, Exxon, Chevron, etc.) to the independents (Houston Exploration, Forcenergy, Stone, etc.)
  • Dual Fabricators has tested procedures for the following specifications: AWS D1.1, ANSI B31.3, and API 1104
  • Dual Fabricators' company owned facility and deepwater slip allow our prices and delivery to be among the most competitive in the industry.
For further information, please contact us at our sales office:
Dual Fabricators
3417 South Lewis St.
New Iberia LA, 70560
Phone: (337) 560-0671
Fax: (337) 560-0676
Email: sales@app-epi.com

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